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  • Community Events

    Saturday Volleyball at Clearwater Beach
    6-23-18 7:30 pm - Dancer's Co-op
    Tampa New in Town 20s/30s

    SWING DANCE LESSONS at the Dancers Co op on Missouri Ave, Clearwater
    6-23-18 7:30 pm - Dancer's Co-op
    SCIPS, a 50+ Tampa Bay Singles Club

    SWING DANCE LESSONS, at the DANCERS CO-OP, 1247 S. Missouri Ave, Clearwater, in the Big Lots Shopping Center (Dancers Co-OP, beside Big Lots Store). At 7-8 PM is the Swing Dance Lesson. And at 8-11 PM join us for a fun Dance Social. Wooden dance...

    Birthday Swing Dance Party This Saturday in Clearwater-7:30-10:30 PM $8
    6-23-18 7:30 pm - Dancer's Co-op
    The Greater Tampa Bay Dance Meetup Group

    Birthday Dance Party This Saturday Night in Clearwater! Birthday Circle Dance for the June babies. Expert Instruction-Experienced DJ's-Friendly Dancers-Clean Restrooms-Nearly Unlimited Parking-and an excellent Hardwood Dance Floor 7:30-8 PM Shim...

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    Want to know why Real Estate is such a good investment? Lets say you leave your money in the bank and the bank pays you a percentage for doing that. They use your money to invest in real property to recover what they pay out, and then some. The banks pay you an average of […]

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